2018 MLB Contests


Entry Deadline = July 19th @ 7:oo PM EST

Create the team with the most total home runs during the second half of the regular season

The contest begins on July 19th (first day of games after the All Star break) and runs through the end of the regular season

Select ONE player from each tier (5 tiers)

Also include TWO Wild Card players and their current team

The TWO Wild Card players CANNOT be from any of the 5 listed tiers

Lineups can be edited on your 'My Account' page after completing account registration and entering the contest

Once the contest begins there will be no lineup changes

Full standings with lineups for each entry will be available once the contest begins and will be updated daily with current scores

Minor league HRs will NOT be counted

$25 per entry (includes $4 admin fee) - Multiple entries allowed - 10 max per user

PRIZE POOL BREAKDOWN (payout after final regular season game)

12 entries

1st - $202

2nd - $50

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